Fidget Cube Amazon Prime n my heart, alas, to tell him to put his reputation into it, and I was not the first to be taken advantage of, even if the bar, but I threatened him, scared him, so I see He burned himself, my mind in the count, as long as he is still under the dozens of burning, I let him, the results of his willpower is also really strong, I count to 15 when he is still burning, burnt The smell of meat is heard, and he wants to cause my sympathy by self mutilation. Really fucking metamorphosis ah, I seem to be able to smell charred pork flavor. Then I told him not to burn, he knew I would not inform, actually happy again tears.He murmured in front of me and said This is my first deviant.You need anything, at any time Come to me of course I will not go to him that thing so finished, but then one day, I happened to be in your school behind a mall to buy things, very accidentally met the doctor, he also saw me , He pulled me aside, grinning and asked me We CEO hard not hard I know he is humiliating me, I was very angry, Yang Shou gave him an ear scratcher he caught my hand I swear to revenge him, his reputation broke.I look for an acquaintance in your school to check both of them the phone, but acquaintance told me that the school did not have any, I did not catch up, I real.forgotten him, but in some fidget cube amazon prime of his thoughts but I More breathless. My hands holding his face, this is the first time I so close to see his face so close, straight nose, dark eyes, and that rare smile will reveal the dim dimple of the arc. I suddenly some distressed, I thought this is how much a heavy emotional child ah, why God so unfair it I gently wiped his face with a finger Xiayi tears track, and then put fidget cube amazon prime his head in his chest and said to him Do not be sad, if the clouds are still, see you so she will be sad Well, even if it is for her, you have to live well, okay Memories should be good, you should not allow yourself in such a beautiful past painful. Xiaoyi did not speak, but I felt his head in my arms very hard to point a few. I touched his hair for a relaxed tone, said Come, I cheap fidget cube $19.9 help you take a bath, after washing, everything is gone, okay Ah What do you say Xiaoyi vague sentence, I did not hear. I said I wash myself he repeated a little loudly. Ha ha ha ha, you really shy You just wake up, so many days without eating, to be fidget cube amazon prime wrestling inside how to do I deliberately stimulate him Xiaoyi s face, brush look red, exceptionally cute. And he worked so much time, never seen him fidget cube amazon prime look like blush. The original so many years in a sad and desperate fidget cube amazon prime man.

several times to see the chains of tears, I actually think that the chain of tears is only used to cover the guilty conscience of the performance of those transparent Water drops become as cheap as tap water, and he has the nerve to time and time again when it seems like a baby show to me. Chain, really is not the previous chain. Put away your false tears, and then keep it in front of the anya, and today if you do not mention that matter, I may have been deliberately forgotten, but now I found myself simply can not forgive you, you go, I I do not want to see you I sat on the sofa and buried his head fidget cube amazon prime very fidget cube uk where to buy low very low. The chain came to pull my hand, I looked up and dumped him a slap. Remember, we re not owed Chain Lengle Leng, and then turned to leave the ward, before he went back to say Small cloth, I m sorry. I did not answer, hear the door bang is heard off, the heart down but comfortable, some things really the end, dragging dragging, will only implicate more innocent people. Dry tears, I sat down to the bedside Xiaoyi, cut an apple for him, knowing that he could not eat, but still stubbornly cut into small pieces into a plate. fidget cube amazon prime Ten minutes after the past, the surface of apple yellow has been coated with a layer of light rust, a lot of air kissing only peeled app.te from his pocket, and handed her. Beggar looked at the money into the front, feel laughed a penny. We all laughed. How Look down That also I am good Zhu Hai said solemnly. Beggar smiled and went to the next booth to continue to beg. I have long been accustomed to these people You think they really poor More wealthy than we Every time before I have to contribute a few dollars or even more than ten dollars out, no change they do not change, that can give open, And sometimes makes us dumbfounding.I was smart, specifically to the bank for a lot of a penny of small votes, each to give a point. Zhu proudly explained. We laughed. He is learning mathematics, I have to admire his mathematical thinking. Be careful Oh, now someone in a special collection of a penny, sometimes a cent can be a hundred dollars for it. Brother smiled. For a while, but also a landscape over. Two young women dressed as street performers in the 1920s and 1930s, one of them holding a lute. They prettily asked Sir, listen to it How much money one Hou brother does not ask the first question. Not much, twenty yuan a. Singing female answer. We do not listen Said Brother, drunk. Twenty yuan, we can eat ten sheep hooves. Really not expensive, sir, this is art ah Go somewhere else Said Niu Wentao, We are st.dry cold and dry, he seems to think that is life, his parents do, continue to receive a lot of money rent.I am still the same way, teaching, review, while the only relatively large The change is my dad, he began to cough, and also with bloodshot my sister and I want to take him to the hospital, but he resolutely refused, I faintly felt that he was dying in my exam, he finally thoroughly disease Strange, when that result, we are very calm, my father even laughed, the hospital opened a detailed treatment plan, but he said no, and trembling to go home. After the death of his mother has been lying on the bed. New Year s Eve, when 10,000 immersed in the festive celebration, he left, and her mother, very calmly went to another heaven and mother phase Maybe they will become husband and wife, but I believe that they no longer noisy.I do not have too much sadness, one, he lives in this world, really very poor furthermore, My life and death has been very open, very light, that death itself is part of the students.Ah, apart from my sister, in this world, I no longer have a loved one the father s funeral after finishing the Spring Festival Then, life began day after day, year after year, work, get off work, deception, calm, numb. In early March, the results have come.

Fidget Cube Amazon Prime e same time through tears. OKOK, now do not say these, the first is to help these two little girls optimistic about the disease. Goats Hu doctor gods generally broke into the room. I whispered to anya that the doctor was very na na I suspect that his last life is dry. Then anya laughed. Goat Hu old man on the anya said, with what make life difficult, do not make life difficult for their own body. Legs are their own, you are still small, can run more than good, I think no one is willing to bed with those who grumble all day Little girl, you look so beautiful, you should have more survival instincts fidget cube amazon prime ah. The words one, several of us laughed at the same time, I have not heard fidget cube amazon prime so far a doctor so speak, anya also laughed very happy, and then she said, Doctor, my leg can cure it The old man said you think you can cure it. Then he turned his head and said to me, your reason is the same with her. I see you as your granddaughter, you at least have to like my granddaughter it Strong point ah, little girls. Outside the world waiting for you to break it, why put their lives to the hospital. Xiaoyi clenched my hand, I saw the chain also pulled anya hand. I never thought and anya can explain the hatred, as now so in love. Although I and her will have some small diaphragm, but I fir.ccasionally go out for a walk or something. My test results soon came out, poor seven, which English is not bad.I am very encouraged, because graduation has two Years, two years I rarely touched English, actually also test well.Although failed, but I feel pretty fidget cube amazon prime good.This firm I continue to work hard faith. But any pleasant things do not seem to last forever, not even for a short period of time, especially for me, especially since April, I and his two world from this end. He was married to his parents desk toy fidget cube before he married, and his parents bought him a new house, the one we married after marriage, but in fidget cube launch April, his mother suddenly proposed to stay with us. She said at that time a lot of crown and magnificent reason, what miss us very much, give me to do cooking to wash laundry ah what. Saying to this sake, I can refuse. Originally, I do not want to live with the elderly I was a little scared, but I have any way to do. In fact, I later learned that his parents in order to put the house to live in the house, Rented, came to live with us.His parents moved in at the end of April, since then, my quiet days began to fall into chaos. Before I talk about his mother, said before I have to declare that I absolutely respect the elderly, there is no prejudice of her office in the s.

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