Fidget Cube Imgur t look like a 50 year old man, up to 41, two look. Retest when he asked me to read Huainanzi No, I said read. He asked me that I do not know Huainanzi is how to praise Bo Bo Yu. I think, how he asked me this, does he want to test me I suddenly come to understand, said Huainanzi words Yu Bo Yu in fifty years and forty nine years of non teachers do you know this year to fate He laughed, to the side of several The teacher boasted me The foundation is good We talked for a while on the phone. I asked him how to read it with great humility. He spoke for a moment, and then said that it was inconvenient to call the question, so he took a moment to tell me that he was busy and called me Go to visit the brothers, Sister, they will tell me some of the situation. I asked senior, Sister of the contact, he said that his family just have guests, now too late to find their phone number, told me to look for graduate students to find apartment on the 2nd, the senior called fidget cube buy Hou Gaoyun. Apartment II is exactly the floor we live in. In the evening, I found in the guard room of the senior Hou Gaoyun quarters, he lived 802, graduate school, is also Zhejiang, and Cao really fellow. I decided to go to him. When I went out, I was going to call Cao Shang to go, but he was reading a book, see t.d to the window, leaning against the window, eyes closed, affectionately blowing the back part of the song, sound quality, high pitched, such as crane. I and Cao really admire incredibly, think her flute sound like she is wonderful. I and Cao Zhen turns to sing. I sing mostly old songs, Su sister also liked. We sang more than a dozen, feel a little tired. Su sister then gave us a separate blow to the first unknown song, but quite melodious, open, straight to us into a wonderful realm. Sing tired, tired, we drink drink, talk some fidget cube imgur easy topic. The hour hand gradually points to eleven o clock. Wine began to attack, Cao really yawn groaning, it is proposed to return. Su Jie insisted to fidget cube imgur stay we talk again, I agree. Cao really lying in her bed, and soon fell asleep. Su Jie suddenly lament, said Any outcome is sad, but the extent of different. I wonder why, I really have not thought about this issue. For example, you go for a while, this is the end of happy tonight.For me, this is a little bit sad and sad feeling.Be graduated from college, the class with lovelorn, burst into tears, is four years If you marry, you do not know, when a married, but also an outcome, the end of a season I just say that the phone is my husband to call the , And now I guess also called hi.

f course, I also do not ask a lot, but see that she is not very happy.Fortunately, a person can not see from the fidget cube shop eyes out of her eyes there is always a trace of depression , You Chinese is not to say that eyes are the windows of the soul , right She came to Shanghai specialized Kaoyan, began to live in her cousin home, is the dry teacher. , I do not know how to engage, Two months, she was Cousin rushed out of her Biao Sao ah, catch on, is a very temper, working in the garment factory, morning and evening to go, we know that was driven out for a few days, I can not find fidget cube for anxiety a house, but also a few days in my crowded. You see such a narrow bed, Oh, fortunately we are not fat. She hand over his waist, and then continued, was driven out, But she did not cry, is my word, already every day she is still looking for a room in my bedroom to see a fidget cube imgur few hours of the book.She vowed to be admitted to his alma mater.Ah, the exam thing , Especially in China, who can speak clearly Yeah, it s hard to say, but she s very strong, I exclaimed. Of course she was really strong, and she told me about her parents. What about her parents Alas, her family is very unhappy, according to her, almost from her mind, the family has been filled with smoke, the parents have never been better fee.treet lights, advertising lights lit alone, as if waiting for this ancient city. What about you I asked as I drank. I Why do you want to study Oh, I, he sprang up all of a sudden, I, the University of attack is English, but I do not like, graduated four did not have.Study, I found that Western culture on our traditional culture I swear to change this situation.I want to learn Chinese, test the Chinese graduate students, going to finished the world, finished the United States The last sentence of a high voice, scared me jump. I looked at him in amazement, his high spirits, his eyes shining dazzling light. For this I asked puzzled. Of course, I am now very light, so I also went to Cambridge to study, to obtain PHD, and then into the National Defense University study, learn through the West, and finally into the high participation when the Chief of Staff I am stunned. I have to take revenge Suddenly he raised his right hand fierce, Fuck, before bullying me, all die I once again stunned. His heart seemed to suppress a lot of hatred. I look at the time 1 15. fidget cube imgur I do not want to talk about this topic, after all, the night is deep, tomorrow, began to class. Oh, sleep, do not be excited, another day we talk, listen to your ideals. Pig day Cao really pulled out a comb an.s the test 32 That fidget cube imgur look, that eyebrow, mouth, very kind of taste. I blurted out. Nasty That is what I described the Soviet Union, then. But she was happy, grin. Well, in short, she is the kind of very pretty woman, have time to read you know. How big is she I asked. Oh, by the way, she called Su Yunqiu, nice it Than my name is much more pleasant to say to me, I do not know her name, Ha, but your name is the worst. That s true, too, I admit, my name is not poetic. When they were young, they quarreled with their parents. fidget cube vat19 They asked an old teacher in the village to name it. The teacher is very tortuous, turned for three days, Kangxi Dictionary , to come up with such a name. She told some of the other Su Yunqiu situation, talked about some sad, from time to time sigh. I ate and eat a total of seventeen shrimp, drink six spoons of soup, but fidget cube imgur also the whole drink drained the wine. After eating and drinking, I pulled out a white napkin to clean the mouth. I am comfortable to start limbs, sitting in a chair, revealing cozy look. OK The you She Huodi sat up from the bed, pointed to the square table. Why I asked obscurely. Wine stamina full, I am latest fidget cube a bit drunk. Wash the dishes, she said gravely. I did not get it wrong I suddenly woke up half of the wine, eyes wide fidget cube imgur open, I m a.

Fidget Cube Imgur ents, my dad that special talkative, almost from the criticism of Jolin Tsai no taste of the entertainment news to talk to today s Dow Jones index, I often surprised me Dad s talkative with a twenty or thirty guy no different, this is a small skin and chain fidget cube imgur love to my home Cengfan reasons. If my parents are like the usual parents Bengzhuo a face to eat, it is estimated that the threshold of our family will not be stepped on the low. We are five people laughing and joking food is happy, the phone rang, I ran a, wow, turned out to be Paper that guy, she heard us on the phone a good bustle, angry curse me and asked me is not in In order to celebrate her away this party to open it. I said no no no, is to celebrate the decline of God to leave their own tea party. I guess Paper must be there in anger bearded stare, I suddenly feel so happy, good friends are in my side, I feel to God or not thin, willing to cut a knife for my small ripped small leather and chain , In different places but still miss my Paper, nurturing me so good mom and dad, and now we are together, I even found that this is the limit of happiness Paper is the phone I opened the hands free, so that everyone can listen to her voice. Paper on the phone greeting my parents, and small leather raised the bar, an.uragement, years do not treat people. Good a life without a pedicle, fidget cube imgur floating on the dust, such as Mo I feel graduated from college to the present, a few years later, but a little root did not, floating like a dusty, but the age is increasing every day, went straight to thirty Thirty , think of this old saying, I shudder. I think the Soviet Union sister, think of her feelings about life, think of Cao Zhen, think of a lot of people, everyone wants to go to a full of sunshine of the other side of the gold, rushed, forget the age, brave and discard all around. And my eldest brother, where is he now In the brick factory, the heavy brick is crushed his dream What is his future He most want to stay in rural areas is not his final destination Alas, think of these, I feel chest tightness. Chest tightness, and suddenly I have made old trouble. I took a good book, hurried down the stairs, disappeared in the vast darkness. Section 79 What is the test 79 twenty two Almost done a nightmare, chest tightness makes me sleep poor. The next morning, the sound of the car outside the window, the sound of birds and other noise awakened me, look at the time, has seven points. I turn over to get out of bed, attend to wash, then knocked Cao Zhen room next door. Knocked for a long time, no m.

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