Fidget Cube In Stores ry emaciated very weak look, with the front of this person is no way than. Is hungry, the other okay. Xiao Yi Du Zhuozui like a child, said. Then put the apple to eat it I smiled and handed the apple in the past, thinking of their own efforts did not flow. Xiaoyi see I took Apple by the past, repeatedly whining NO, NO I do not eat apples I stopped and cocked his head at him and said, I said how many things you have for your sample, what are you going to eat, and I bought it for you Xiaoyi learn to look like my head to the side of the crooked past, the eyes toward the ceiling so after a circle, said I want to discharge. No I interrupted him, You just wake up and want to discharge Do your daydream, you give me a good nursed back to health nursed back to health Hi, said he, sitting up and making a face at me. Yes, I call you allers, she knows you wake up, then must be happy to die, there is a rare good girl care about you, I really do not know where you have this charm ah I took out the phone and dialed a few numbers. Xiaoyi looked at me, did not say anything, he looked at me with a look at Martian eyes, as if I was talking about something that has nothing to do with him. You dial the phone number temporarily unable to connect, please later dial I put the phone.lso in the memory of those who like fleeting. His song is very melancholy, it can touch the sentimental people. Especially tonight this time, especially people like you, I said with a smile. In fact, before the university, I do not like his song, at that time I really like the songs of Karen and Zhang Hui Mei, as well as Tsai Chin and Xu Xiaofeng I always feel the song is joy, is to enjoy, is to give life and Although I do not like crazy, but I think every day life is full, learning also makes sense, his body has also used up the vitality, if I do not move, those vitality seems to pop out like. When I was a university student, I often wandered through the school, looked at various posters, looked at the flowers and trees, and sometimes in the shade of the trees, the pedestrians, the daring couples, I used to listen to the Oriental Billboard, listen to the emotional show at midnight, and sometimes I came to the wind, playing the flute, laughing, and poetic at that time. In the song, she listened , fidget cube sounds Her face, as if those vivid in front of the past, you can touch the general, fidget cube in stores But back to Zhongshan, everything changed. I remember a rainy day, I feel very bad, to a friend s house, her home A hundred songs, do not know how, I was impressed by his singing.A friend told me th.

air, two eyes staring blankly at the ceiling, I heard her say, fidget cube in stores God, what are you saying This is not true, small cloth you tell me that this It s not true you re kidding, right You must be kidding I got up and knelt in front of her, lifted her shoulders, and then face her, and said, Paper, all my fault I killed Danny If I do not confuse Jamfer cigarettes, Danny Danny may not be something are my fault you call me scold me. Paper just sat there motionless, like a statue, do not say a word, but there are large tracts of tears rolled down from her eyes down, hit my back. Do not you do not speak ah. I would rather you hit me scold me, Paper, I beg you, do not you do not speak good I really did not mean I burst into tears. What are you fidget cube in stores qualified to cry Ear is Paper cold voice came. I stared, staring at her, heard her say, I hit you call you, you can give me back Danny is Then her eyes straight into my eyes , Thorn I whole body cold. Yao small cloth I really did not expect my life s happiness actually destroyed in your hands I never thought it would be the end Paper and then look to shake his head, and then almost cold No temperature sound opening. No Paper is not what you want, I I writing I asked. Well, he said, looking confident, how This is not very easy to say I pondered a little, However, there is a positive thinking. It s not like school bag You say that We laugh. Later, he really got a ready to pay up, but went to the graduate office door and hesitated. Do not pay I asked. Oh, I am not a graduate student ah. He is not sad to say. But you ve got credit here, okay. Well, or forget, etc. Next year, next year, I must be famous You re a self abased and self conceited crystal, I laughed. Section 14 What is the test 14 Next bedroom there is a guy, looks thin, language is amazing. Live on the first floor, one to two to, to know. Honestly, I really like him with Cao really. He also loves to our bedroom guest, and out like their own bedroom. He is the Department of Chemistry, called Wang Xiaojun, Shanghai Jinshan people. National Day that a few days, the school leave seven days. Want to go home, people who want to travel are gone, the campus empty like a village. I have always hated the car, said the car for jail, so where did not go all day to stay in the bedroom. Cao radical radical radical, but fame or yearning, so stay in the bedroom attack his book. On the 3rd day, Wang Xiaojun put a string of grapes come. Oh, I treat, treat, this is not the true meaning of life. Life should be peaceful, timid, just like the spring breeze, the autumn of soft Yang, and should not be intense, intense. Summer heat and winter snow, of course, can quickly cause people s excitement, but that can only be a short time, long will be terrible. I am a very poor resistance, when I realized that tragedy is destined to happen, I have been deeply into the. She and her, in front of me slowly intertwined, as if unable to distinguish. I desperately want to, desperately thinking, trying to figure out a clue, but nothing. X. Gradually, I found that I was hopelessly in love with her. At that time, we know less than a month. Graduate students in a lot of strange. Mathematics has a young man from Hebei, called Niu Yingjun in fact, is not handsome , has passed the thirties has never talked about love, with his words do not know a woman s body temperature a fidget cube 9gag few degrees. But the emotional gap does not hinder his interest. In his study of boring mathematics but also quite love to study love this problem. Can even say that his love is far greater than the degree fidget cube in stores of concern of his profession. I do not know why, he loves to our bedroom to play, each time to ask some people have no way to answer questions, such as What is the true.

Fidget Cube In Stores g the door to go out on the results of her in the back to me roar up, Said I did not tutor, fidget cube in stores the guests do not say hello, but also so rude and I suddenly fire, and for many days to suppress the anger in the heart of a sudden made out, I roar up with her, she said to her relatives I was so angry that I did not agree with me that my mother was in love with his son because of my mother s illness, and now I am desperate to say such things. Fast down to calm down, she also euphemistically authentic apology to me, but my heart is like a piece of lead pressure, depression, chest tightness, and sometimes the mouth there is blood. I do not call her mother, she said everywhere I do not honor. He is a man of no principle, both sides are afraid of offending, he can do is only in our quarrel short sigh. As long as she was at home, I was depressed, depressed. This greatly affected my health, my body slowly changes occur in subtle. Well, do not say her, talking about I have sad. In fact, the fidget cube in stores mother, I m just angry, sad, sad, not afraid of If his father, I would have to fear. Now I do not know how his father is a person, can not give him the conclusion.How to say, looks kind of good, is a very good old man, but he gave me the feeling is unspeakable memories and pain. I am a littl.loth, please, she has become so sick, please do not talk to her noisy. I looked at the same slave chain, the heart of the gas is suddenly no, the end of the bar, all finally end, I smiled and said, Do not forget, you want me to see her, you should Think of things like this, do not you want me to the whole people I was so miserable to comfort the words of apology Do your Spring and Autumn Dream go I do not fan her two slap you should thank me Yao small cloth, how do you become so unreasonable chain of fire. Oh, I have to manage Not with her Her whole time I do not think for me, and now to install your grandson behind a hide, to see our old friends kill each other, she More than kind ah chain chain ah, you actually like this woman I disregard Xiaoyi grabbed my hand, breath out. Enough, please go out, when I did not want you to see her, right The chain went to the door and pushed the door opened. Anya, you remember, karma, before you get me what kind of child, and now what you are.I Yao small cloth never go to provoke others, but does not mean that I am a useless Zhu Er I do not understand why you have to be so many times against me, I have no grudges against you, you in the end which the door to the fire Today you give me clear, I have to go also clear and clear Chu I.

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