Fidget Cube Review Hey Hey, look down I have to pay it An warm breath from my left side came, my face call hot look up, readily gave him a look. I took off only a flat foot pants Xiaoyi from the bed frame to the bathroom, and then leaning on him slowly soaked in water, see Yat Siu is also very nervous, his hand and pulled the shorts Of the waistband, as if I was a satyr XX him like, I can not help but feel a little funny. The bathroom temperature is high, if a large mirror to be covered by water vapor, and Xiaoyi rapid breathing has been resounded in my ear, my hand was trembling slightly Chapter 4 When the shell peels off At home, almost 1 30, and I straightened his arms and legs on the bed so straight down down, has been sleeping the next day in the afternoon. When I fell asleep, I made a lot of dreams, but very sporadic, like a lot of broken pieces of glass put together. I dreamed that I was wearing a white dress in the closet, Jamfer on the red carpet waiting for the other end of the church came to me, a lot of people around me laugh, there is a small flower girl has been on my side to the sky Sprinkle with red rose petals. The groom came to roll up my hand, I gently look at the past, not to see the Jamfer but Xiaoyi, surprised, no trivial matter, so I stood on the carpet sti.y eyes become complicated, he said Small cloth, I m sorry. To my surprise, I did not hate the chain. Especially when I see standing in front of me, as always, when the man, my heart did not even a little wave of Bay. He seemed to have been crushed by his life, and I could not put the man in front of him in the storm to push me to the peak of sadness, I heard him still so gently call my name, or even Thought that nothing happened that day. Why I m sorry I like to make things difficult for him. I think he did fidget cube review not speak, and then continue to ask the sentence I m sorry useful Chain sad to cry, without the slightest omen to shed tears, like the day he was carried to the ambulance, I saw through the wet eyes the same wet chain. In fact, I think my heart is still very soft, at first sight to see the flow of tears on the heart feel good, even if not their own people trampled to cry, and always feel heart muffled. Then I took out a paper towel smiled and handed it over, said, lie to you, I forgot everything. I m with anya now. The chain dared not look into my eyes. Yao Mingbu is not fidget cube review a fool. Will you blame me Why should I blame you I should have thought of it early in the morning. In fact, anya is a good girl, she fidget cube review repeatedly hurt you because she is jealous of you. I opened my.

ople dressed avant garde came from me, I heard them say, the female screw high explosive special ah I think the eyes Damp, I want to hold back, I do not want fidget cube diy to cry for the man, and even feelings and care are false, what is true I began to feel old damn fucking right, what is easy to block the gun, stab in the hard defense. I shouted toward the air, you have the ability to fucking to the Ming ah, and I Yao to a small cloth to showdown ah, what kind of coward Ninety nine took a hot towel out on my forehead, he said a small cloth into the house, outside is too cold. I stared at the ninety look silly, I said, 99, you have been fooled Ninety seriously thought for a moment nodded, he said he was a sophomore night in the middle of the school near a middle aged man, middle aged man quietly said to him second hand CD, 300 one, he auditioned a bit Feel what fidget cube review sound is very good then the pain to put the CD machine to buy down, get back one, only like a rat called the squeak, the other did not even fart. I listened to laugh, said it was you silly. Jiu Jiu Hei Hei s ridiculed that who told me to greed it, but also deserve to be cheated. I carefully thought for a moment that he is very reasonable in this sentence, I do not just get the feelings of the man with Jamfer was his road c.iaoyi. But some things no one can help me. I muttered in my heart. I turn around in a circle, fidget cube review did not think Jamfer where, I think he should not be in Shanghai, I discovered that he knew nothing about him, including his family background, his family background, he opened the outside The company in the end is doing, and all I do not know, I have for Jamfer s memory is limited to his clear blue sky can be poured out of the white clouds can affect my pure fidget cube release date eyes, and his even breathing, his Chongni My face However, these are all I can see can touch, on his life, I really do not understand. I am very hungry tired, but I still go, I can not stop, I m afraid I stopped to do not know where they are, doing, want to do. Stumbled in the Jamfer I went downstairs, and then took out his cell phone to play, the phone ring the sound of the bell, but still no answer. I hung up the phone and laughed at my stupidity, Jamfer was not at home, how could someone listen to the phone. I think I was really down by the fact that with the pain can not be struggling to fall slowly, I hope the wing can arm my arm eventually did not appear. I sat on the steps and I thought Jamfer would be back, and I could wait until he came back. However, I first saw is not a small skin, but also Xiaoyi Jam.touched the God, her mother more than two years of living more than two years of life is her hard work in exchange for. You know, in her most difficult time, actually still Someone hit her mind Who is so dressed I was a little angry. She said that she worked the secondary school principals on many occasions to take advantage of her cheap, there is also a part time unit, but she is very hard to fidget cube review refuse, and then the secondary school principals returned to her small fidget cube review shoes. Teacher is not fidget cube review the same stuff it Dry teacher I have some puzzled. Well, well, do not say him, do not say him.Man is unreliable. I am speechless. But, having said that, Sister really beautiful Oh. Baby praise fidget cube europe Road, she was so hard, so haggard, but still cover up her temperament, her eyes, eyebrows, mouth, very kind of taste more than I look good. He silence, you say I am beautiful She looked at me fixed. Pretty, I replied. Really She asked pleasantly. Really. Where is it beautiful She was happy, and look straight from the bed. Are beautiful. Was forced to praise others, I do fidget cube review not adapt. I bow their heads. Look at me She ordered. I swallowed a meatball, put down the chopsticks, looked at her. Say What to say I asked in a grunt. That I am beautiful Then she embarrassed to laugh. Section 32 What i.

Fidget Cube Review those happy not easy to be forgotten days like a badly in my mind haunted me, small cloth, chain, and small skin, that paragraph of the past was once my most valuable asset, So I know that day when I know Danny s death, fidget cube review how I am sad how desperate, one is my good friend, one is my favorite person, I have no way to control their words and deeds, although leaving the small cloth home, I also calm down carefully to think that even if such a small cloth also does not help, Danny will not survive, things will not fall back in situ, but my heart is still not fit, still feel that they have no strength to admit the fact to accept It also forgave small cloth and her return to good. Every time I want to go back to find a small cloth, will think of her to me that she killed Danny cry expression. I know I have no longer blame her, but really want me to face her, but I retreated. Xiaoyi seriously looked at me for a long time, he said I do not understand why you have to blame her, do you know how much she suffered for this matter by how much combat You are not good friends A good friend should not be in the other most in need of his time to come forward Small cloth now only 50 chance of survival, you have the heart to no longer see her I am speechless, head down for a long time did.make yourself look calm. All right, the guy did not wash your hair for a long time, shouting head itchy, I do not give him catch lice Haha. I embarrassed laugh a few times, I hope all the simple things do not think of things to that side , In fact, we did not do anything, but as much less about the issue, I do not want to be misunderstood as a woman of water based Yang Hua. Thankfully, allers really did not detect anything, she smiled at me, and then like to find a new continent like running around Xiaoyi yell, said Xiaoyi you really awake ah I m not dreaming, right Xiaoyi do not know when to put his deputy refused to look at thousands of miles away, just a touch of allers smiled and said ah, listen to small cloth said, this time you have to take care of me, really Thank you. Nothing, I did not help what the busy, you wake up like. Allies seem to feel Xiaoyi in deliberately distance themselves from the line, inevitably embarrassed some froze there. I all desperately in the back toward the Xiaoyi allers face, but he fucking him all the air. The atmosphere becomes more strange room, presumably allers to see the door when the expression is Xiaoyi smile, and she may not understand why his face has become so fast, turn over and turn the book like a blink of an eye to cha.

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